- Relationship / Couples Therapy
- Dysfunctions related to emotional intimacy:
* Heterosexual couples / Individuals
* Gay/Lesbian Couples / Individuals

- Sexual Identity issues
- Sexual Orientation issues
- Selft-esteem/Growth
- Step blended families
- Life transitions
- Women's psychological health
- Infertility
- Grief / loss
- Transgenders

For transgender patients: Ongoing psychotherapy. An assessment / report and letter of clearance / certification to initiate hormone therapy and / or for surgery, as applied and needed.

Clinical Sex Therapy

- Vaginismus
- Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
- Female Sexuality:
* Sexual Desire Disorder
* Sexual Aversion Disorder
* Sexual Arousal Disorder
* Orgasmic Disorder

- Dysfunctions related to sexual intimacy:
* Heterosexual couples / Individuals
* Gay/Lesbian Couples / Individuals

- Desire or Frequency Discrepancies
- Transgenders

Dissatisfaction with the sexual relationship and the loss of shared intimacy, may lead to negative feelings and attitude toward oneself and toward the relationship.

Regardless of the structure of the intimate relationship shared, sensuality and a healthy sexual relationship serves a valuable function for individuals and couples.



She is an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College and at The Union Institute and University. Dr. Mora is an associate professor and serves as committee member for doctoral student dissertations at The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists.

Dr. Mora has been practicing since 1999 in Miami.
Dr. Mora is a Diplomate of The American Board of Sexology. She is listed in the Who's Who Among America's Teachers 2006.

Dr. Mora appears on various magazines, television and radio talk shows both locally and internationally. She hosted "Love & Sex" the first Hispanic television show to openly address sexual/relationship concerns. She writes a monthly column for TeleRevista Magazine and holds a bi-weekly segment on a Miami radio show.


Dr. Anagloria Mora
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Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
6861 S.W 51 Street
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